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How to reroute incoming Midi over ethernet on a slave with the virus access ti plugin

Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:25 am

Dear Logic Pro‘s !

I‘m trying to get a setup working between two macs, one is running catalina (Master) the other (Slave) is on Mojave since the total integration plugin of the access virus ti is not working on catalina. The Access Virus has a dedicated plugin which communicates directly with the synth via usb (audio and midi). What i‘m trying to is to send midi over the ethernet to the slave (this setup i can manage. since the virus plugin only communicates via usb (on the slave side) i need to reroute the incoming midisignal in the slave Mac from ethernet to the dedicated usb midi plugin port. how can i handle this ? should i try to place the iac on the slave side Mac to reroute the incoming midi events ? BTW The audiosignal from the virus is not at focus on this...
One mac is running LP 10.6 (Master) the other LP 10.5. Because i want to find a solution for integrate the Virus Plugin on the Slave Mac i‘m not aiming at a DIN Midi Setup solution (the plugin cannot be used in such a setup).