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anyone know how to create Garageband Instruments?


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I created a little acordian instrument using the exs24 and 2 acordian samples, nothing major. But I want to turn it into a Garageband Instrument so I can send it to my friend to use. I know that you can open GB Instruments with the exs24, so I'm wondering if anyone knows how to turn an exs24 Instrument into a GB Instrument.


I've done some research, and found a few things... but noting that was really usefull.


I use logic Pro 7 and want to turn it into a GB 2 or 3 Inst. I'm not sure if there is a difference in Instruments between GB 2 and 3.


any help would be wicked!






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I did try that and it didn't seem to work. I think that's maybe a way to do it for GB 2 and I only have GB 3 to try it out on. I will take another stab at it though, and find a system whth GB 2 and try it out there as well, maybe I missed somethig.


Thanks for the help.


Any one else had any luck doing this?

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