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new script: LogicProX_re-mapNinja v.1.0


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Logic Pro X_re-mapNinja v.1.0


(Free - If you like it and want to help sponsor some gear upgrades PM me for donation details.)




I initially wanted to improve CoReMa with some added features and improvements but ended up writing this from scratch.

The use is very similar but workflow is better and a bunch of new stuff has been added.


Tested with Kontakt, no glitches found.



* [NEW] - choose exactly how many notes to remap and which ones(not stuck with a range anymore)

* Re - map incoming notes either with or without channel filter (128 alt. 2048 choices) to output notes with any channel (2048).

* [NEW] - choose exactly how many CC:s to remap and which ones(not stuck with a range anymore)

* Re - map incoming CC:s either with or without channel filter to output CC:s with any channel.

* [NEW] - Learn function for both incoming notes and CC:s for faster setup (possible to disable).

* Custom destination naming and recall from in-script menu.

* [NEW] - Simplified adding of custom maps.

* LEDs display activity on re-map "bus" (possible to disable).



* Mapping same note or same CC to different outputs results in only the firs mapping being effective.

NOTE: make sure to actually have an instrument loaded, not just an empty software instrument track to test the functions.



[errata: the pic below says "ResetParameterDefaults= 0;" this should read "false" (or" true"). Corrected in the download]




Custom destinations settings:





Learn function - [1- check the box. 2.hit a note or wiggle a CC 3.uncheck the box 4. profit].


Incoming note.


Incoming MIDI channel.


Output notes (generic or custom).




The elements of the CC re-maps work in the same way as notes.



To install either place the .pst in your users/you/Audio/Audio Music Apps/Plug-in settings/Scripter folder or take the .txt. in the zip file and paste its contents directily into scripter. For convenience save different instances for different instrument set-ups etc.

LogicProX_re-mapNinja 1.0.zip

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It's really great job.


I'm testing right now, it works perfectly.

There are many creative thing to do with this script.

This is really good because this script together many different functions, and a well presented manner with icons and functions to learn


Again, congratulations and thanks

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I actually scratched one feature from the list - learn output notes, see any use for that?

Hmmm.. that would probably speed things up just a tiny bit. Maybe.


Stuff still on the list:map notes to cc:s and vice versa

I remember seeing someone here asking about mapping notes to CCs/vice versa.


map the same input to several outputs.

I would be interested to see this!

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