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Making Risers work in different parts of the grid

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I feel like this might be a difficult question to expalin but i will try.


I am using xfer serum and I am trying to make a riser that will start rising and end rising in pitch at a particular spot.


Here is what I have done...


On an LFO I have set the rate at 8 bars synced to BPM. I set the waveform to a rising saw shape? Forgive me for my lack of accurate vocabulary. The shape I am trying to describe looks like a diagonal line that goes from bottom left to top right and then drops off into a straight vertical line at the end.


The pattern I have set in the MIDI is 16th triplet type thing so they are this kind of blip effect. i want each set of blips to gradually raise in pitch they do this at my current settings but here comes the problem:


I am a fan of working against traditional sets of bars for my phrases (8, 16, 32)...sometimes I like to have different structures such as 20 bar bridge or a 28 bar verse. i like to make the song a little more unpredictable! This becomes a problem with the LFO which is synced to the BPM. In this particular instance, the LFO starts right in the middle so I don't start with the lowest pitch!


I cant use retrigger mode because of the nature of my MIDI.


Right now the best solution i have is to take the LFO off of BPM sync and manually adjust the Hz to roughly 8 bars at 101 BPM which is 0.0521 Hz butt serum can't dial in this precisely so it is a little off.


Any ideas?

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