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Long time ago... need help


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Used to do a lot of music back in the old Atari 1040 days and some on my Mac as well. Have just almost finished my own little home recording studio and got myself a MacMini, Logic Pro and a Motu Pre8.


But I just can't get it up and running (need just a quick start other than the thick black books). Well, what I really wanna know is how to connect the stuff correct.


I have put my speakers to the main out on the pre8 and last night had a bass guitar in Input no 1 on the motu.

The I started running the Logic application to make it sound. Inserted something that seemed like a Bass Amp Plugin (strange, since it was in the Distortion menu).

I was kinda tired and didn't try it for too long, since I only got a direct signal and didn't seem to be any modified signal and it also only sounded in the left monitor.


Can someone just tell me how to connect a bass correct to get a decent sound with this setup? Then I might understand how the soundcard works together with good old Logic.


Otherwise I guess I have to start reading the manual, which I started reading when I started building the studio, but since it took a couple of months, I forgot most of it, since I didn't install the application back then.

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