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Help setting up control Surface. !


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its the evolution UC-33 controller from m-audio.


there is no "preset controller in the setup controller pref in logic. so i went to the m-audoi support page and downloaded the environemnt for it.






the issue is that the controller is only controlleing one fader that a time and not fader one to track one and the second fader to two etc. all faders in the controller are controling one fader... the one selected in the mixer window or arrange.


the multi fader setup from m-audio wont do much.. i will see midi going through the midi monitor but faders wont move.



without the m-audio's environemtn logic is seeing the controller and turning orange from track 1-8 bu again only one tracks fader will move no matter which fader i touch. also the play stop feature is not workin.


little help would be greatly appriciated.



oh, is there a way to downlload an evolution uc-33 controller "preset" so i can select it in the controller prefs like you would in a HUI, icontrol etc. ?

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