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Selecting pitch bend with notes in piano roll? [SOLVED]


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Ok, this is probably me being stupid, but in the piano roll I cannot seem to get it to select the midi CC's when I select the notes. For example I have a keyboard solo that has pitch bend & mod wheel all over the place for expression, and I want to copy - paste part of the solo in another place, but when I select the notes in the piano roll, it is not selecting any midi CC data. I know I could chop it up in the arrange, but seeing as how I want a specific phrase its easier for me to see it in the piano roll editor. Advice? Is it possible to have logic select the midi CC's when you select notes in the piano roll?
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Yup! that was it!! Thank you so much! BTW, I tried searching your forums for my question (as I would imagine its been asked before) but couldn't find anything. Perhaps I'm bad at searching, but either way hopefully this will help someone else in the future. :-)
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