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Upgrading Logic Pro


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I wanted to know what to do about upgrading Logic and OS with an older computer.


I have an early January 2008 mac pro 8 core with 20g of ram.


I am currently running mountain lion and logic 10.0.7. Everything is working fine but always wanting to stay current with updates (even though sometimes there a pain in the ….) for obvious reason.


Im hesitant to upgrade OS because of the age of my computer.



Do I upgrade to Yosemite to be able to upgrade to current Logic updates?

Will it (computer) be able to handle the newer OS? or am I causing more problems and should stay put?

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first off, ALWAYS have a backup of your current system before upgrading anything, that way you can get back to exactly where you were should something tragic happen. I believe time machine can do this, but I personally use SuperDuper and keep a clone of my system drive on an external HD.


I'm running a 2009 Nehalem mac pro and too had reservations about upgrading my OS, but I'm running Logic 10.1 on OS 10.9.5 and though I only upgraded a few weeks ago, there have been no show stopping bugs. Again if you adequately backup your system before upgrading, there is no harm in trying updates and see how you get along on your system, as you can always revert.

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