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Plugins Won't Load during playback


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So why won't plugins load during playback? You have to hit stop now, otherwise you'll get a red exclamation signal on the plugin slot.


Just like ProTools.


One of many great things about Logic 9 was loading different plugins during playback. No need to hit stop. Great workflow and fast.


So why the heck can't you do it in Logic X? What's the reasoning behind killing that feature?

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Hi triplets, how you've been?


In Logic 9, one could not load plug-ins on playback when "Punch on the Fly" was on:


Can't open a new plug in while logic is playing? [sOLVED]


In Logic Pro X it works a little different:


When "Allow Quick Punch-In" (Punch on the Fly) is active, you'll be able to enter the plug-in menu and choose a plug-in, but it will remain inactive (with an orange exclamation mark) until you stop playback. If you do the same thing on a slot that already has a plug-in loaded, you won't see the new plug-in until you stop playback.


When "Allow Quick Punch-In" is off, you'll be able to load plug-ins normally.


In Logic 9, you couldn't even enter the plug-in menu when Punch On The Fly was active, so it's already an improvement.


And just to clarify, this only applies to audio channel strips whose tracks have an input assignment and are record-enabled.



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