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Insert Chords in Score - not working?


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When I'm writing in Chord names (eg. C or Dm above a piano chord) in the score window, I used to press tab to go on to input above the next note, but this isn't working any more. I haven't been able to get it to work in Logic X.


Perhaps I'm using this incorrectly, but I used to press Tab. - Has this changed? I would appreciate knowing if anyone else has this issue or a solution.




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Hi Dave,

Many thanks for your reply! That really helped, it made me think of how to troubleshoot the issue properly. I was assuming it was a bug, but of course it wasn't. I realized it's the engine for Keyboard Maestro that I am using, all I need to do now is just go to KM File menu, select Quit Engine, and I can do tabbed entry in Logic.


I will put this in the suggestions forum in case anyone else has any issues caused by KM.


much appreciated.



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