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Midi over iOS lightening cable/30pin???


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YES!!!!! It's finally been done!




Just released the February 27th and it works great. For anyone using the iPad as a controller, check it out. It's $11.99 on the app store.


the connection recovery time is impressive. Unplug the cable and midi stops, plug it back in and you have to wait about 2 or 3 seconds until it reconnects.


It takes any midi app that would normally use wifi and allows it to connect via usb lightening/30 pin cable. The connection seems to be rock solid without any noticeable latency.




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So I've been running Music IO for almost a month now and it works perfectly. They just updated and you can transmit audio as well (although sill in the early stages and only compatible with some apps).


I found midimux to be expensive and buggy but music IO has a simple interface and just works.

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...i just bought the midimux/audiomux bundle and can report that it works rock solid...right now for using audiomux you also need audiobus but that should change with the next update...these guys are also developing oscmux that...ok, you can guess for what that is for...
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