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Logic Pro X/Microkorg Help


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Hello there,


Wondering if anyone could help me out with this please.. basically I have a microkorg and Logic. There is a modelling synth pad on Logic Pro X called 'Airways' which my band uses for a couple of songs in our recordings/live set.. is there a possibility where I would be able to get this pad (Or a sound very similar) onto my microkorg without the use of a laptop and midi interface on stage. If you need a sound of the pad, i can upload one for you to hear.


I am quite a rookie when it comes to my knowledge on creating patches on the Microkorg and midi…if anybody could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks,



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There is no way you can open a preset from a completely different synth. This goes for almost any combination of hardware and/or software synths, even from the same brand.


All you can ever hope to achieve is to create a similar(ish) sound on the Korg, using its VOX and DWGS waves in Osc 1.


In this case that may be quite challenging though, as the Airways patch is a Sculpture-based sound, and Sculpture is a softsynth that creates sound in a very different way from "normal" subtractive/wavetable synths (which is what the MK is, as I understand from Korgs' description: http://www.korg.com/us/products/synthesizers/microkorg/page_1.php ). But, you can always try.

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