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Automatically cut out all silent areas [SOLVED]


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Hi All,

I'm doing a 4 hour narrative, using Logic Express 9.1.8 and I was wondering if there was a way to automatically cut out all silent (or unrecorded) areas in a region... rather than make each cut manually. From what I've seen, several of the tools for editing functions are similar in both Pro and Express, so I was hoping someone will know a lot more than I do about this issue (not too hard to believe :wink: )

I do know there are other recording options like "Punch on the fly", etc. but this is my preferred method of recording.

I've added a screenshot of part of the region below, just to clarify what I'm asking (in case the terminology isn't 100% accurate)

Thanks very much!


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viewtopic.php?f=1&t=114665&hilit=fade+out+on+all+regions (The method was extracted from here)

Just wanted to add a more clear representation.


Here's how to Fade out multiple selected regions on the same track.


Select all regions > Open Inspector for that track > Expand the "More" menu > Put a value on the Fade Out and/or Fade In


In this example in the pic I set a value of 1 on Fade out and it applied it to all selected regions. You can then adjust the other parameters if you wish. Thought this would be helpful to add to this post since it would save you additional time on those edits :)


Doing this eliminated the pops/clicks for me at the end of each region. Hope this helps!


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