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Is there a fade in/out tool for effects?


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im not sure how to ask this question, as i am not a very techy person, but I'll do my best to elaborate a bit.


I was messing around with the ES2 synthesizer, and i came across those knobs at the bottom of the synthesizer window. the ones that have cut off, mod, res, attack, and all that. i had the track playing on loop while i was tweaking the knobs, and i found that really liked the sounds i was getting as i was slowly turning them, like a fade in effect. is there any way to somehow capture this sound into the song itself?

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Automation would be the best bet to replicate the motions and tweaking your doing. You can set those certain parameters to some smart controls and automate from there to make it easier. There's a few ways of doing it with automation but to achieve the exactness of what you're actually doing, this is probably the way to go. Otherwise recording the effect and applying a fade on the region but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't give you the same result.
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ok cool! i have used the automation tool before, but I've only used it for volume level. i wasn't aware however that you could use if for other functions. is there a way i might be able to attach the synthesizer to my automation tool?


also, when you say record it, i assume you mean placing a microphone next to a speaker and recording the effect myself. but if theres a way i might be able to record it directly as its happening on the program itself id certainly like to know if thats possible too :)


thanks a lot for the help!

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