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Slow Logic Response [Solved}


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I moved from 9 to X a couple of months ago, and I noticed that some sessions were really slow and others were ok. Sometimes logic would take a second or two (as opposed to immediately) to register that I had pressed the mouse button and select the region that I had clicked on. Doing things like copy/dragging a region would take a 2 or 3 seconds of holding down the mouse button. Changing note velocities was also really annoying as the note velocity indicator line (?) would not move smoothly but jump from spot to spot. This was without the track playing, just moving regions or midi notes around. Seemed pretty strange considering my setup.


Anyway I just realised that the sessions that were doing this had lots of windows open that I couldn't see. I use two screens and I'll quite often press "Command 6" (midi window) every time i need to edit midi and then flick back to the mix window without closing the midi window. Some of those sessions had about 15 other windows staked behind the mix window, mostly midi edit windows.


Closing all those extra windows seems to have solved the problem. Seems kind of strange though that extra midi windows could slow down a fairly powerful newish computer so much.


Thought this might help anyone else having this problem and I'm also curious to see if anybody has an explanation for this?

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