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Track stacks: can they be stacked into a single one? [SOLVED


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I have a robot sound that includes several track stacks.

I need to automate the volume for ALL of them at once

basically I need Logic to take it a single track so that I can draw a single volume automation for all of them

which one's the best way to perform that?

is it possible to create a single track stack that includes all those track stacks??

tried and googled with no luck so far


EDIT: keep in mind that there are the Ambience tracks that don't need to be automated. just the robot ;)

cheers fellas


SOLVED: it is possible :) .. just select all the single tracks + the summing tracks by using cmd-click and then hit the usual shift-cmd-D

for some reason yesterday night didn't work but must have been a mistake of mine.. maybe just too tired.. :mrgreen:

hope it's useful for someone else.

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