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MIDI Madness

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Hello everyone! I've been gone a very long time, but I've returned and boy do I need help..


This is my current setup:




- Komplete Audio 6 interface connected to DAW via USB

- AKAI MPK25 connected to DAW via USB

- KORG nanoKONTROL2 connected to DAW via USB

- Arturia Beatstep connected to DAW via USB and KORG MS20 mini via MIDI out

- KORG MS20 mini connected to DAW via USB and Arturia Beatstep via MIDI in


The nano and MPK seem to be my problem right now. Since adding the Beatstep and MS20 Mini, the nano just locks up after a couple of minutes and the MPK won't even display note/keypresses. I can unplug the nano, plug it back in, and it will work for just a little bit.


Any ideas here? Thank you for your help!

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