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Logic gets stuck creating new tracks, have to force q


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Logic Por X 10.1 has a bug which causess ti to keeps getting caught in a loop...it's not exactly crashing, but it does require a force quit, so it has the same effect.


It seems to often be triggered by pressing record, conveniently after everything has been nicely set up and you are ready to lay down the track....but that is not the only action that causes this, so I'm stumped:


Suddenly Logic will attempt to either create a new track or edit the tempo from the Global Tracks dropdown menu. A dialogue window will open in front to indicate that effect. Nothing else can be clicked on, including cancel. Any mouse click yields a flash (akin to a screenshot flash) and the sort of error sound to indicate that you can't click anywhere. Usually this sound will occur when you're trying to do something before closing a dialogue box, such as editing the system preferences or creating a new track (intentionally) lol!

clicked on from the main dropdown menu behind this dialogue box, which is unusual, but I can't hit anything else, even cancel. If I hit "create" it just goes through the process again, creating a bunch of unwanted tracks.


I've followed the basic instructions to reinstall Logic by deleting it from the Applications Folder and re-installing. Pretty much all of my settings, plugins, etc. were immediately accessible, so I'm not sure that the reinstall would have the clean-slate type effect that I'm hoping will cure this problem. Suggestions? Anyone else have something like this?

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