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Okay, WHAT is going on with my Melodyne sync??


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I'm about to either tear my hair out or completely give up on Logic. I have Melodyne Editor 2.1.2 running on two vocal tracks in Logic Pro X 10.1.1. I've spent a couple days here & there working on tuning the vocals in Melodyne, then randomly I'll go to open the session one day and the timecode link is broken. Clicking the broken link, selecting constant tempo (which the song is) and hitting OK will fix the link.......until I hit play, then it immediately breaks again and all my vocals are two measures late. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!? There is a tempo change before this song starts, so I thought maybe that was the issue. I let the song play from the beginning with "Tempo Variation" selected. When it crosses the BPM change (120 to 106), I can see the dialogue box blip, as if it's detecting something, but nothing happens at all. PLEASE help!!
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I used to get all kinds of problems with Melodyne when there are tempo changes in the song. My solution, which has worked up until now, is to bounce the track & Flex it as soon as I've finished editing. If I know I won't be able to complete the Melodyne editing in one sitting I split the track into manageable regions and make sure I finish editing the region & bounce it before I do anything else. Not ideal and I'm probably dealing with the problem in the wrong way but it works for me.
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According to Melodyne it is Logic's problem.. I posted in January:

I encountered this bug this week and Celemony confimed that it arrived with Logic 10.1. We need to stay after Apple with this. From Celemony:


unfortunately this is a known bug, that occurs with the new Logic version 10.1 and songs with tempo changes and Melodyne instances.

As soon as the playback passes on to the first tempo change, the transfer is stopped and furthermore the audio is not playing in synch on the passages with the tempo changes.


This did not happen with Logic 9 and the last version 10.0.7 and we already communicated this to Apple. Currently the only workaround for this issue is to work with Logic 9 or the last version 10.0.7, if you have songs with tempo changes. Please also report this problem to Apple.


My workaround is to lock all tracks to SMPTE, create a new tempo map with one tempo throughout, fix the track with melodyne, bounce in place, and then return to the old tempo map.

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i found a workaround!


Go into the melodyne Plugin. open the Tempo tab right to the tempo display.

click on Variable and play the song till your last tempo change, than stop playback.

click OK in the Tempo popup window.. done

if i bounce in place now, the tempo syncs perfekt!


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