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Save Logic Pro


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I'm not familiar with OS X and that's why I need to ask this.


I recently purchased an Macbook Pro from a friend which was purchased from US 3 months ago with Logic Pro installed and I don't want to loose it.


Is there a way to save the Logic Pro on my Apple ID? If not, are there any steps which can assist me to save it for example on an external memory?


I don't know what can be done to prove that the Logic Pro is original and not pirated, but if you can tell me I will really apreciate it.


It is a little expensive to purchase it just to have it saved on my Apple ID, but why to do that if I have the original installed already on my Mac?



Any ideas? Or any help, please?



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You can do a complete system clone, e.g. with Carbon Copy Cloner, of the current setup. This way you can in future always roll back to the setup you have now, including Logic. But after you will always need to do all the updates manually that happened after the cloning.


This solution will still not make it possible for you to upgrade Logic, because the license is assigned to your friend. Unless he's willing to give you his Apple-ID ;) But that would be definitely illegal.


I'd guess that even the clone is not 100% legit, maybe not 100% illegal, but the easiest way is to buy it yourself. And you won't have any hassles in the future.

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