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Update 2008 Mac Pro to ???

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My old, reliable Mac Pro is getting long in the tooth. I'll be moving soon and may downsize my studio even further, keeping Logic Pro X, my TC Electronic Impact Twin (interface - it's a FW interface), and my Line 6 HD 500 as the foundations of my ever-shrinking gear collection.


I'm considering making a move to an iMac or MacBook Pro (with quad core). I guess I'm wondering if I'll have the same or better performance with such a setup. Don't like the way Apple went with the new Mac Pros. I'd need to buy too much extra stuff to make that work, and the base system is already crazy expensive.


What do you all recommend? My average projects have maybe 8 guitar/audio tracks, 3-4 electronic instruments, Drummer (production kits). My most common inserts are Compressor and EQ. I also use 1-2 Space Designers, 2-3 Amp Designers, 2-3 Pedal Boards, and other misc effects. I own several NI instruments including Reaktor. I also bought a few Waves plugs--Tape and Vintage EQ.


My average project right now peaks the CPU meters at around 50%.


I like the idea of portability with a MBP but wouldn't mind a new iMac. Just curious on what everyone thinks or recommends.


Also, can I still use FireWire interfaces with the newer connections?

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For firewire you need a thunderbolt to firewire adapter on the new machines.


Since the new machines come with Yosemite, make sure all the 3rd party stuff you have works with it.


You would need an external USB 3 or thunderbolt hard drive for your projects if you go laptop or imac. But make sure those drives don't spin at 5400 rpm, which the majority do, they need to be 7200 rpm.

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I would advise against a notebook.


Since you are using a lot of virtual instruments and amplifier simulators, and you will probably need a low buffer, you notebook will get very hot and eventually explode.


Plus, the screen is too small, so you will end up adding an external monitor, which will be an additional expense and will add to the CPU load ultimately hastening its demise.


The best "bang for your buck" is actually a Mac Mini, but remember to stack it's RAM on purchase, as the new ones are not upgradable.

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