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Guess what I'm typing from?


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Just copying over some files from my G4 to my new MacPro.

Sorry, I just have to say this thing sure is schweeeeeettt.

Man, my 2 sata drives just pop in now. Hey I still have room for a third

Not as quiet as some have said it would be, but much quieter then my PC or G4. I'm glad to see that all of my softsynths and plugs are UB/AU compliant.


Except my PCI Uad-1 card isn't Pcie! Once my G4 is gone I can trade up to the pcie.

Feels nice, looks a nice. Damn big though.

Logic Pro is my only Daw software that I know so well.

So a quick test just to brag a bit and show a half-assed bench mark, I guess.

So the systems have the same setup. LogicPro 7.2.3, OS X 10.4.9, 1 gig of ram (gotta get more soon) in MP and 2 gigs in the G4. The Os drive, Audio drive and Sample drive (Ide in the G4) (Sata 150's in the MP) Using a FW1884 Tascam soundcard/controller etc.

Same tune, pulled the Uad outa the G4. Used BFD, CSR Reverb 2X's, A couple of eq's here and there, TruePiano, nexu's pad. 2 accoustic gtr's mono's, 2 Pod Xt Rythmn St and 3 lead vocal tracks...

Results.... Tadada The G4, Maxed out. No studdering at 1024 buffer setting but no cpu juice left, even with 2 gigs in the G4, it just doesn't wanna do anymore.

The MacPro........ Averaging about 18% on the 4 cores. Other than I have to get some more ram for sure.

This thing is niiiccceee! What a treat for me the Daw hacker!

My poor Pc, the lid off, the big drives gone, she just looks so peaceful.

Do I plug her in again?

Ok I'll go now.

PS Did I tell ya how mean this thing looks?


Brian :D

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This post has got me very excited!!!!


I just ordered the Mac Pro 8 core....can't wait...all though it will be a week or so before it gets here.....it's exciting getting everything together ready to go....no more "computer says no!" for me....at least for few weeks anyway...by then I'll have found a way to max this machine out too....to think i was only 5 years ago i was mixing on an PowerMac 8100/110...thinking how great it was to move up from the Atari STE running cubase (midi only).


goodluck with the new machine....happy days ahead!!



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I thought exactly the same thing Dave....LOL


I'm waiting until I can find someone who'll give me $5000 AU for my kidney, before I upgrade, sadly!!! I need a new monitor and get additional RAM.


Still, I've got to find a solution soon, I'm still setting up a new business so it maybe a while.

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Ya the ram fo this baby is pretty expensive.

Goto http://macramdirect.com/macpro.html?gclid=CMzE-4eH4YwCFSMKGgodihao7w

Seems to be the least expensive ram around.

$399 US for 2 - 2 gig chips.

$599 US for 4 - 2 gig chips.

I leased mine for 3 years with a $10 buyout, $100 a month, I know but in my buisness I can right it off!

Beleive it or not, looks like my G4 will just cover the 4 gig ones. :(

But hey, what the heck!

David, hope you don't mind the link.

I do wish apple would sell the MacPro with 2 gigs!

So far so good, all the plugs are up and running that I had.

Just a bit of trouble registering my melodyne plug, I didn't install the original first, so it's being annoying.

Man the 8 core mac must have "menumeters" across the whole top taskbar! :lol:

Not one crash, moving everything over.

Just can't get Thunderbird to see the G4 contents folder...

What a treat!

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I bought 4 x 2 gig brand new sticks from "fastmemoryman" on ebay...I made and offer of £40 each (£160 total)...and he took it....I think the asking price was only £45 anyway....I bought all the ram for my last machine from there and never had any problems.


£160.00 GBP = $316.202 USD


It came from the states so delivery was about £20..thats reasonable.


A little cheaper.



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