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Different EQ display on channel strip


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Hello -


Can someone tell kme how to change the way the eq is displayed on a track?

As it is now, the channel EQ displays at the top as a black square.

I know it can also be displayed to show different parameters of your EQ settings. Such that you have four parts, each with their own on/off switch?


Something like below?


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You can't change it. What you're seeing on the picture is an "Old-style EQ" song opened in Logic 7. Short of stripping it of all audio files and saving it as a template, you can't get that display in Logic 7.


WHAT! Are you kidding me.


Ive NEVER seen that.


THAT is what i want. Thats all I want for the next 15 christmases and birthdays.



Logic 8 can suck a donkey.






Is that with the channel EQ as well as the linear phase EQs?


What verion of Logic?



Can I downgrade?



WOW. WFT cant DAW writers understand how it is super powerfull to see and edit EQ settions in a way like this.



WOW this is so depresing ima go to bed.



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I've just built a template using this EQ display - sort of.

It's designed for mixxing as I couldn't get the EQ for AI's.

I also didn't set up anything in the way of controllers because too many ppl differ on what they use.

Oh and it's designed for two monitors, sorry guys :(



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