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Mainstage: Assignment for all Patches/Global FX


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how can i assign a Control to ALL patches?

i have a delay on bus3. now i want to set up a Knob for the send. The problem is, that i have to assign this for every patch.

Is it possible to set up something like global assignments? Or do Assignments multiple patches ?


i hope to get any hints ... :?


By the way i'm looking for a Masterkeyboard: Novation ReMOTE 61 SL MkII

Doeas anybody hae any experiences with this keyboard and Mainstage ?


Thanks anyway for any replies

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Thanks for reply !:)


im sending form a Roland Fantom x right now... soon change.

Now i used the Synthesizer Template, and tried to set up a global delay. Lets say i route my 4 Knobs to the send level. on the side of the delay i use feedback, wet and somthing else.

I want to setup a FX-Block with Delay, Ringmodular and so on, wich is global for every patch i use in the setup, not only for the patch i selected,

Eventually i want to use a second Masterkeyboard to play two patches simultanious. These two Keyboards should run through a Bus with the Effects, bothh at the same time. Im shure: this setup MUST be possible, i just dont know how to do it.

So far i can only assign a Controller to a single patch not for all patches ....

Any idea? or u need futher information? I read many times, this could be done with ableton live, but i want to use the E-Piano and stuff from Logic, cause i like them. Or is there even a way to use the logic Instruments in Live?

Thanks for your interess anyway

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