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"All Velocities" Step Editor - missing


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Can someone please help me:


I accidentally got rid of the "All Velocities" lane in the Step Editor and cannot find a way to add it back. I don't see it as an option in the inspector or in the convert window when selecting an individual lane.



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I'm having this same problem but Chris's solution doesn't seem to be working for me.  After I create a new lane and set the status to "note", how do I get it to display all the velocities for the different notes on one lane?  I'm not seeing any way to convert it to that and I'm missing how to rename it in the first place...



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I am using Pro 10.7. In my version "Create Lane Set for Current Events" generates velocity lanes only for the notes in the current region. I was able to get an "All Velocities" lane as follows:

1) Select Lane Set "MIDI Controls"

2) Click on the lane "All Velocities"

3) Lanes->Copy Lane

4) Switch to your desired lane set or create a new one.

5) Lanes->Paste Lane

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