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Which mac pro specs affect performance

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I'm debating which specs to get for a Mac Pro, where I'll be running Logic Pro X. I'm wondering how RAM, # of cores, and processor speed affect various aspects of Logic performance. For instance:


Which one (RAM, # of cores, or processor speed) most affects/ improves plugin load time, like loading a large kontakt library?


Which one affects how many plugins can run smoothly at once without logic crashing?


In general, how do more RAM, more cores, or more processor speed each affect logic performance?


I've done some research but I'm still pretty fuzzy on how more cores/ less processor speed will work in Logic. I'm leaning towards 32gb RAM and either 6 or 8 cores, maybe 12 but probably out of budget. If more cores make the computer slower, whats the benefit? Thanks.

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Hi -


With many selling their pre-2013 MacPros, there are some great deals to be found on those machines. I purchased my Early 2009 Mac Pro (see signature line, below, for specs), used on eBay a couple of years ago. Since then, I've made some significant upgrades which currently makes it a very nice Logic Pro X sequencing machine that meets my needs. I primarily do orchestral stuff. I use a combination of instrumental libraries, many of which use Kontakt 5. My main orchestral templet has a minimum of 53 instruments and my happy Early 2009 Mac Pro and Logic Pro X handles my projects just fine. At present, I have a very stable system. I hope to keep my happy yet aging Mac Pro for at least a couple of more years, if not longer. When I'm ready to purchase a new computer, depending on what Apple does with its more pro-line computers, I hope to purchase the powerful "Trashcan-looking" MacPros. Maybe when I am ready to purchase a new computer, the Early 2013 Mac Pros can be found used at a great price. Without a doubt, they are screaming machines! But a used Early 2009 Mac Pro similar in specs to mine does a fine job with 50+ VIs powered by Kontakt 5 and other samplers.


Here is one place where you can purchased used Mac Pros:


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