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Takes unpacked from take folders to new tracks seem linked?


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I cannot "cut" the midi tracks when in the take folder using "split at playhead" as I would if they were individual tracks.


AND When I unpack take folders of midi takes to new tracks it creates new seemingly individual tracks (which I can cut individually) but don't seem to be able to solo or mute individually?


I've done a couple of tutorials for these functions but these details still eluding me :shock:


Thanks for any ideas!


Logic Pro X 10.1.1

Yosemite 10.10.1

2009 Macbook Pro Dual Core

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I don't see it as a bug, e.g. imagine you have a cpu- or ram-hungry software instrument track, and on the track a take folder with say 15 takes. As is now, Logic creates new tracks, but they are all assigned to the same channel strip. If Logic would create 15 instances of that instrument it might overload your machine. 
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