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timestreching samples


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i think timestreching is the appropriate term? i just want to speed up or slow down a sample as if it were vinal on a turntable. how do i go about doing this in logic?





i just thought of another thing, i dont know exatctly what im asking here though, what if i have a song that i want to put a sample on top of. but it dosent match, how would i go about trying to get it in the right key? or is this even possible? it seems that turning it into an apple loop can take care of the tempo aspect. any insight?

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A turntable will pitch sound up or down if you alter the RPM speed or pitch control (clue in the name there :D )


A simple way to pitch a sample is to load it into the EXS24 & play it up or down from a keyboard.


Timestretching is altering the length of a sample without changing the pitch.

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