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EXS Fade Parameter


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Hey all.


So I have a love hate relationship with the EXS...no need t say more.


I am wondering about the the fade parameter. I have read about it in the manual but can't seem to figure it out. Even if I set it to "1" it totally mutes my sample...


The scenario:

I have a series of one-shot samples. They are not simply cut up drums but parts of a tune. They click a bit at the end of the sample. I assume the fade parameter would apply a slight fade to remedy this as it does in so many other samplers but, no dice. Can someone explain a way to do this without having to use the sample editor to manually adjust every single sample ( I'm not lazy, there are 97)? I'd very much appreciate it!


Ps. Is there a way to automatically set the loop to the selection length without having to go into the sample editor as well? Seems like every other sampler I use does these two things in one swoop.



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