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Score Editor: copying dragging region changes note pitch?

Music Spirit

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This has never happened: I cut and pasted some regions from an earlier arrangement and the note pitch of the phrases changes key randomly.


In the attached example is a piano phrase which I wanted to move along time was to a different position .. strangely when the region is dragged or copied and pasted the notes change key to random pitches?!!


Can anyone explain this?


( BTW Am using Logic 9 - and am upgrading an earlier arrangement which was Beat Mapped. The piano, bass & horns parts were played in to the original document and cleaned up for Score Editor. Then I cut up the original audio and made a new arrangement, and not wanting to have to redo parts I cut and paste them to the new Beat Mapped project. It was the same tune so it the pitch/tempo changed minimally.. and most of the scored phrases slotted in OK from the old document, but were subject to this random note pitch changing)

PNO CHANGES KEY10 Mar 2015.logic.zip

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