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Logic X and Reason 8 Softube Amp

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I recently had to upgrade my OS to Yosemite and, as a result, was forced to upgrade to Logic X and Reason 8. Reason came with a great sounding amp simulator called Softube. I can plug into this "rack extension" and get great sounds through my Audiobox USB interface, but can't figure out how to access the amp when it is Rewired to Logic X.


I should mention that I have NO problem using Reason 8 and Logic X when recording Midi, This process seems well-defined (creating an external Midi track, then an Auxiliary Channel Strip to monitor this audio while using the Reason sound banks. I can't figure out how to use the same set-up, however, to plug a guitar in. It seems intuitive that I shouldn't create an "external Midi" track in Logic, but should I be creating an audio track instead? A guitar or bass track? If I do either of these, I can't get the signal to pass through to Reason/Softube. Neither shows up in my library as an option.


If I do create an external midi track, I can see the rack extension/softube amp option, but when I attempt to route the guitar signal, Reason 8 refused to recognize it. All apologies to keyboardists, but I really want to play guitar through the Softube amp, not create Midi files that simulate guitar tracks.


I'm sure this will seem like a silly question to all your seasoned enthusiasts, but I would really appreciate some suggestions/guidance.

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