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Deleting duplicate MIDI notes in piano roll [SOLVED]

Lazy M Beats

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Hey all,


So I sometimes use a little MIDI guitar called a YRG 2 (I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone btw) to input some notes in the piano roll. A very common problem that i have with it is that when i input the notes it often times layers two notes right on top of each other! It is only when i delete one note that I can see there is another one laying underneath.


Is there a way to delete all duplicate notes in one go without having to manually check to see which notes have been unintentionally overlayed?

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A newer feature - "Auto-erase Duplicates” - when a note is played or added to a MIDI region, either through step recording or merging, at the same position, pitch and MIDI channel of an existing note, the previous note is deleted. For the purposes of this function, “the same position” is defined as two notes with the same quantized playback position if both notes have been quantized, or within 100 ticks if quantization is not being used



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