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upgrading computer

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so i'm wondering if anyone on here knows the difference in speed of a normal 7200 rpm HDD vs. a SSD and vs. the new PCIe flash based storage? my current 27" imac just isnt cutting it...... i can't make music on this thing because it's so slow with logic pro x and yosemite. also, is just upgrading the hard drive to a solid state drive enough by itself, or should i get more RAM too? is the 8gb enough or will i see a difference from having more RAM as well?
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ok. yeah I wasn't sure. my computer is just sooooooo slow these days. hard to believe a 4 year old computer can run this slow. it was blazing fast when I first got it. but now compared to my MacBook Pro, which has the PCIe flash storage and 16gb RAM, it's like dial up internet compared to high speed fiber optic Internet. I can't take it. but I didn't want to spend $4000 on a new machine. I don't know why either, that when I open activity monitor, my MacBook Pro always say it's using like 2gb of RAM. my iMac is always maxed out at the full 8gb. even when no apps are open and running...... I feel like that's what's making it run so slow, but I can't find an answer to fix it from using all my RAM. that's why I thought about upgrading the RAM as well.
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