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Logic Pro X and FCPX's "Dual Mono"


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I'm having trouble getting Logic Pro X to recognize what FCPX calls "Dual Mono" files. (The files were created as WAV poly-fles on a two-track Sound Devices recorder. I believe these might be called "Twin Mono" outside of FCPX.)


In FCPX, these show up as Dual Mono files and I can split them or disable them just fine. However, when I export them as a FCPXML and import them into LPX they show up as stereo files. What's even stranger is the fact that Logic knows to place two files on separate tracks, but insists on making them identical stereo files. I think it's what LPX refers to as "Interleaved," but I could be wrong about that.


I've tried splitting the file into left and right files via the "Copy/Convert" option in the Project Browser (and I've verified that they're two different mono files), but when I reimport the two split files they appear as a stereo file! I can't quite get my head around that one.


I've managed to get the left and right sorted out at the track level. Under input, instead of "Mono" I choose "Left" for one track and "Right" for another. At least this allows me to hear the two different channels.


Is there anyway to handle this at the file or clip level? If not, I'm going to have to double the number of tracks because most files have two channels of audio. I'm new to Logic Pro X, so I apologize if these are newbie questions.


My questions are:


a) Is there a way for Logic Pro X to handle the dual mono channels individually at the clip (or file) level in a similar vein to FCPX?


c) Is this a problem that XtoPro would fix? Would it split the dual mono files into two separate mono files?


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the tip.


The suggestion of renaming the split mono files definitely fixes the interleaved issue, but since all my production audio is dual mono and all the clips are synched to picture it would take days to cut them up and re-sync them.


Would a program like XtoPro help solve the problem by converting the FCPXML to AAF or would I still end up with a bunch of interleaved clips?


Thanks again.

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I have not used that application and I don't think it will change anything.

The problem lies within Logic Pro X, you can even create split files in Logic and they will exhibit this issue.


What happens if you select all your audio clips in FCPX and change their channel configuration to stereo?

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I tried changing the files to stereo, but I got the same outcome.


You may be right about XtoPro. I'm trying to confirm that it actually splits apart the files, but if they're named the same thing with .L and .R tacked on at the end Logic will probably just merge them back together on import.


It all comes down to Logic's handling of interleaved audio. Hopefully they'll add an option to disable it in the future!

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