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Instrument Corrupted to Aux after Total Import


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After a Total Replace of an Environment, my first software instrument (Instrument 1) turns into Aux 3. And it's not because the audio is off -- which I do only to expedite switching between songs while importing Environment., i tried it with Audio enabled and the same things happens.


Note also that Instrument 2 turns into Instrument 1. All subsequent instruments shift up one number as well.





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It can be done, but yes, it would be time-consuming.


By the way, I also tried to copy / paste only the errant Instrument 1 and it still pasted as Aux 3.


Instead of a Total Replace, I'd rather get a template Environment song and drag regions into it from other songs. The irony: if you drag a long song's several regions -- including aliases -- from one Main to another Main in a target song, the alias connections are corrupted. Then the alia need to be hand-re-attached to their originals. An alias on Bar 38 track 1 tied to Bar 12 Track 1 winds up tied to an original on Bar 7, Track 16. Playback is cacophonous.


I have never posted about this or seen others even mention it. But for me it is ubiquitous, and it has been broken since 9.0 (maybe earlier). Smaller songs sometimes preserve the alias targets when regions are transferred from song to song. My experience has been the longer the song, the greater the vulnerability to alias corruption.


So, do I want to individually reset Instrument Channels as you mentioned because Total Replace is buggy, or should I copy/paste regions between songs (to preserve the target Environment) and then hand-re-assemble the broken aliases?


The question is rhetorical. I answer it depending on the song.

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Sadly, importing tracks with the All Files Browsers converts aliases to regions.


So if you copy / paste aliases or mouse-drag from from one song to another, they get confused. And in an All Files transfer, they become normal regions.


Again, this is with long songs that have a lot of regions. A couple of years ago, I recall that I successfully dragged test regions with aliases from one song to another in small, experimental files.

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