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Audio Interface Suggestions...But On A Budget

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So I'm now (unfortunately) shopping for a new audio interface and am looking for some suggestions/reviews


The basic (minimum) need; 4 inputs

I use one for the line out signal from my guitar amp, one for the line out signal from my amps power attenuator, one for my bass to go directly into for Logic's bass amp designer


I generally do my work in 48kHz - 24bit, obviously don't mind having more


It needs to be compatible with USB 3 hubs, Thunderbolt to Firewire adapters, or just Thunderbolt


Next on the lists; trying to keep it as low price as possible

I'm a student and lets just say that ramen runs through my veins :wink:


Here is one I was recommended:



$350, which is a little higher than I'd like, but definitely seems like a nice interface (would like some reviews if any of you fellow Logic users have one)


Any suggestions appreciated!

(Just remember the price factor :wink: big boy names like UAD or RME are kind of out of my league...I can get a student discount...but not enough of one unfortunately)

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