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Logic 9 Audio file not found


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So i tried to open a session, but Logic couldn't find some audio files.


According to the error message, the files were recorded into the trash?


When i checked the record settings in the session, it suddenly said there was no destination set for recordings, so i couldn't record any new audio until i set the destination.


The rest of the audio files are in the right places, there are just a few vocal takes that disappeared.


Please help!!!!


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Hi Eric and David,


Yes David - I was answering your question - I would have moved the project to a different hard drive….But I have to move my logic folders all the time! Having 3 studios - we bounce from studio to studio….so we either copy off my back up portable drive - or move folders through our network….mmmmmm


But what is that destination - /.trashes/501?…...

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Adam, if saving your files from Logic isn't an option for you, consider zipping the folders before moving them. In the Finder, control-click the project folder and choose "Compress..." to get a .zip file. And keep checking the contents of your audio folders after you've moved a project to see if you can detect a pattern as to what exactly makes this happen.
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