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Automate compressor ratio [SOLVED]


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Hello, is there any way in Logic to automate by midi draw the compression ratio in the compressor? This is so the ratio value decreases gradually over time as a sound progresses.



(Apols couldn't find signature to alter. Logic x, Imac 2010 2.8, 16 ram , Octacapture, glyph 3tb firewire)

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Yes it's up to date, it downloaded a February update the other day.


I've got an ES2 on a channel and a note on the piano roll. I can midi draw pitch change, modulation etc for that ok. I've put compressor as an audio fx plug on the same channel but I can't see where you draw the compressor ratio control. View, Midi draw, Other etc gives controllers for ES2. How do I access controller for the compression ratio and draw it in? Sorry I'm sure I'm being particularly slow here.

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Draw it on the track itself:


1) Click the Automation view button (immediately to the right of the View menu in the Tracks area menu bar).

2) On the track header, click the Track button so it says "Region" instead.

3) Click the automation parameter menu (that should say "Volume") and choose Compressor > Ratio.

4) Draw!

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