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Surround & mixing logic pro 9


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Hi Everybody,

My first post!

I have a question about bouncing here, I'm using vsl and i use the surround a lot to have a good space position on each instrument.. when i'm trying to bounce it doesn't make it right, i'd like to have the same sound as the master out, wich by the way is of course showing me the surround multi out, but on my headphones i'm stereo.. how can i have the same sound for bouncing?

I'm not sure i sound clear about the problem, does someone see what i mean?



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Surround mixing is meant for surround applications, where you (the mixer) and your audience (the people who playback your mix) use more than two speakers, typically 6: two where the stereo speakers would be, two rear speakers behind you, one in the center of the two stereo speakers, and one sub.


Unless you're mixing for surround with such a setup, you shouldn't use the Surround feature in Logic.



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