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Problem Logic Pro X / Apogee Symphony I/O / Neumann U 87


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Hey guys


I have a problem setting up my microphone Neumann U 87 in my Apogee I/O to record in Logic Pro X


No sound is coming out from the mic when i try to record


I have selected the 48v tab in maestro 2 (software for Apogee Symphony I/O) but still no sounds


So i m starting to think that the Apogee 48v is not compatible with my Neumann U 87 microphone…


Or that there is a communication problem in between Logic Pro X and the Apogee / Maestro 48v tab


Anyone has experienced the same problem ?


i have tested the microphone with another mixing table 48v and it was working fine so the problem doesn't comes from the microphone


thanks for your help




Addendum : apparently it's a problem of XLR Breakout cable, i'm using a malte Breakout cable in the Analog In tab at the back of the Apogee + and adaptator when i should be using a female XLR Breakout cable. Problem is supposed to be coming from the cable and adaptator, it seems that it's having an effect on the 48v phantom. Strange though because this set up was working with a dynamic microphone, anyone experienced this problem ?

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