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n00b QQ: Emulating "Local Off" for PB vs Record


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Root issue: When using my Roland RD-500 as my master controller and playing the sounds that are inside of it, I get the nasty "dupe" effect - the midi output is going into Logic and coming right back out into the RD 500.


So I turn "Local Off" on the RD 500 and all is good.


However: there is not a "master local off" switch on the axe - it is per-patch: meaning that I have change every patch to local off (and save) before it will work reliably with sequenced tunes in my studio. But then when I gig with it, no sound happens until I turn local back on for all patches and save them again.


So what I'd like to do is to have it so that MIDI out only occurs on playback - not on record, and just for this single instrument. I figure there's got to be a way in the Environment window, but I'm just stumped.


Any help appreciated! Thanks,


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