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Delayed Leslie automated speed switching


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I'm trying to create a sound that has a Hammond with rotary speaker effect that when they key triggers it starts on the slow setting by default, but after a predefined delay it flips to the fast setting without me having to do it manually or assign it to a controller and still press something to make it change.


Does anyone know how this might be done?




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Assuming you are using the Vintage B3 of Mainstage for the Hammond sound, which switches the Leslie speed through the Sustain pedal, you can achieve this in the following way :

In the channel strip of Vintage B3 assign as MIDI FX the Mainstage 'Modulator' Midi Plug-In. Switch off LFO and switch on ENV. Route the effect to '64 Sustain' (i.e. the Sustain pedal). Set Output Level to the max value (1.00) and the Offset to the Middle (around value 0). Set the Delay value of the Envelope to whatever delay you want to have and play with the other envelope values. You will hear the Leslie start from slow and switch to fast according to the Delay value. If you want to get this triggered with every new note played, set Trigger to 'Multi', otherwise use the 'Single' Trigger setting.

Hope, this will do, what you're lookig for.

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