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audio alignment

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I read an article on SOS regarding recording acoustic guitars where both a DI signal and a mic-ed signal were captured. The author warned that the DI signal would be recorded slightly before the mic-ed signal potentially causing comb filter issues.


So I thought why not just perfectly align the two recordings.


One could just figure where the DI signal came in , figure the offset and move the mic-ed recording by that offset to sample align the recordings but there is probably a more elegant more efficient way of doing this, like snap to the above region or perhaps create a marker at the start of the first and then have the second snap to that marker, or even better some function that allows one to grab two regions and sample align the two or rather the second to the first.


I'm just guessing so I hope somebody can point me to the best way or educate me that this is not the best way in the first place.



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