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Wont quit highlighting regions that I did not select


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Hey guys, I'm having an issue with regions I do not select highlighting when I


A: I scroll up / down or zoom +/- with my mouse (even tried my girlfriends Mac Bluetooth mouse & it did the same)


B: Highlight a region & try to move or duplicate it


It's really messing with my workflow, not to mention driving me nuts


OSX 10.10.2 Logic X 10.1


I did a quick search of forum but did not see anything about this, so sorry if I overlooked


Any suggestions are appreciated

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Here's two screen shots of it doing it with audio regions while I'm trying to duplicate Midi Regions in Xfer Serum. I also noticed that it did it when I did control + M to mute a midi note. I have not had a chance to try in another file because I'm working with a deadline. Also to note, its doing it when I try to copy audio regions as well


I will try to do a quick new project test soon



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