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Hello Logic people!


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After becoming the most hated man in the cubase forum within a week, I come to you in peace :mrgreen:


Long story short, after 15 years in PT and $$$$$ in HD and HDX hardware and I/Os I decided that enough is enough. I made the "mistake" to try Ableton Live last year and caught myself having so much fun creating that suddenly I couldn't even look at PT anymore. Upon realizing you can't edit raw (non-stretched) audio in Live I turned to Bitwig which truly blew my mind. I actually invited the guys to my place after NAMM and we had a blast talking about the future. But the future is 3/4 years away so then came cubase....I took a week off and literally became a cubase guru... From extensive Macros to complex midi assignments, Cubase is unstoppable. No other DAW packs as strong of a punch out there... But ... and that was a huge BUT: Basic Navigation and hence workflow really suffered. There are tools on top of tools and all of them do only one thing. There is nothing smart about cubase. Everything takes an extra click or two... multiply that by a thousand everyday and eventually I wanted to blow my head off. So... enter Logic. I'm still learning it but the smart tool which is even more powerful than PTs and the clean look won me over. And although I wish a few things were different and better, I have committed to make it my weapon of choice for the foreseeable future and hope to become as valuable of a member in your society as I've been at Gearslutz for the last 13 years. Thank you!

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