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modulation events inside midi editors not chased?


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hello, i have a problem and i can't find a way to solve it on the manual or here on the forum...

my question is:

when working inside midi editors (score or piano roll) with libraries that use modulation to control dynamics (like most strings libraries) i often find myself navigating back and forth with the left and right arrows, or clicking on the notes, to listen back to what i wrote note by note and make changes or corrections...

my problem is that somehow notes are always played back as if their modulation value was 0, ignoring the modulation data i drew or programmed, therefore playing back everything at the very lowest dynamic, so that i can't really hear almost anything...to hear back correctly i have to press play and everything is ok with modulation events being chased correctly, but that's not the point and not what i wanted to do...


can anybody help me?


i have to confirm though that the same exact behaviour happens inside other softwares too, i tried it in cubase nuendo and reaper...



thanks in advance for your help

all the best

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another (quicker) way to explain my problem is this:

on the editors the preview of midi notes is always played back with midi ccs (like modulation) lowered to the lowest value.

a workaround is to move manually the mod wheel, this temporarly brings back an acceptable dynamic to listen to the notes i want to correct, but doing it manually every single time is not very elegant and there must be a way to solve this problem somehow...


please any suggestion would be much appreciated



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