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Komplete 10 Ultimate

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Hey fellas

I'm sure this is a downright silly question but i say its better to be safe than sorry, and google hasn't an answer for me!

I'm about to buy the Komplete 10 Ultimate bundle, and i'm sure i'm just thinking crazy thoughts but on the product's page it says "made for Komplete Kontrol S-series keyboards" but just to be sure, i can use whichever midi keyboard i normally use in Logic, right?

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ElMariachi78 is correct, and although several MIDI controllers have a template for use with Logic and other DAWs, the integration of hardware and software that NI offers with with their Kontrol-S series is second to none. But that should be expected from a company that develops both products.


But I would like to congratulate you on your choice of K10Ultimate... it's an incredible bargain and includes some of the best synths and effects on the market. You'll have fun for years with a software suite like that, so enjoy yourself!!


- xpander

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Hey one more question,

I already have Razor, Battery 4, and Prism, (which all come with K10U) so do you fellas think it would be wise to delete them off of my computer when i install K10 ultimate? Just to save whatever small amount of space it make take up to have doubles.

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