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No Sound From Audio Region


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Mixing a project and suddenly there's no sound from my audio regions for a single Instrument.


All other instruments tracks play fine.


I've tried the following:


* Restarted LP9


* Toggled mute and solo buttons FWIW


* Checked all automation – it's fine and as should be

* Checked all inserts for mutes and volume changes – fine


* Checked all routing

– tried playing regions straight into Stereo output (no sound)


* Exported regions

– checked that they have audio (yes, they play in my Finder and iTunes)

– and reimported them into a fresh version of the project


* Created a new track and attempted to play the original and duplicated regions on that, with no inserts, and routed only to the Stereo Outs (1-2).


I still can't get them to play, and can't figure out why this would happen. Please advise.






* The region plays when I do not have the solo button active for my stereo bounce track.


* The harmonica tracks will simply not play if sent via their stem bus.


Solutionish: They will only play direct to the Stereo Out, so I've reset the track to do so.

While I can rejig my inserts to accommodate this, this isn't optimum.


And I still don't get why only these tracks behave like this, and that after using them in my mix for a long time.


Any insight into this would really help next time it happens.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply.


There's no muting. I've toggled that and solo and looked in the Arrange and Mixer windows.


Nothing for the track or globally, aside from the solo for the track I'm bouncing to (which gets all the other audio fine).


I do use Melodyne in this project, but on the vocal track only. I'm having problems with both my harmonica tracks, as seen in the screenshot.




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The region plays when I do not have the solo button active for my stereo bounce track.


Your above post implies you are in solo mode when this happens?


Make sure the busses you are routing audio through are also solod, or are at least in solo safe mode, otherwise they may be muted.

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