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SSD options?

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hey guys I have been wondering what other studios are using as far as hard drives . I track everything to a separate internal hard drive in my Mac tower usually 2 TB until it's close to full and then I swap it out . I wonder if ssd is faster and better and if Mac tower users are using them. Thinking about letting clients buy drives instead. Wishing there was an external option where I could easily swap out ssd's or something as apposed to buying and filling up either old school external drives or internal drives. This stuff is not my forte and need advice Thanks
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Here is a configuration that you might want to consider for your MacPro that might meet most of your business concerns. This configuration works especially well when the Mac Pro is 2009 or newer because of the PCIe 2.0 slots that are available for use.


1) Purchase something like OWC's Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCI Express-based SSD. It's blazingly fast with up to 688 MB/second when connected to a PCIe 2.0 slot. These "bad-boys" have two eSATA ports for further expansion which will enable you to . . .

2) Purchase external SSD storage like OWC's Mercury Elite Pro Mini that can be connected to an eSATA port for continued fast through-put.


The Accelsior_E2 PCI Express SSD would be for your benefit to be used however you wish. Your clients can then purchase the external storage devices that can be connected to one of the two eSATA ports found on that particular card.


You don't necessarily need to purchase OWC merchandise specifically, of course. But their web-site does a nice job describing their products' capabilities. Here are a couple of links to the OWC web-site that will provide you more information and education on all of this stuff. There are more web-links on these web-pages to follow for additional important information. Good luck with your final decision.





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Thanks for this info! I had no idea you could use PCIe slots for hard drives like this! So lets say I use one of these as my project drive. It would perform at 688 MB per second right? If I have a client buy an Elite Pro Mini would those expansion drives perform at the same speeds?
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Thanks for this info! I had no idea you could use PCIe slots for hard drives like this! So with a drive like this would I still feel the benefits if I was only tracking to the drive and not running Logic off of it? Also do expansion drives run just as fast if I were to track directly to them and they were connected via SATA cable? Thanks so much!
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