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Mic upgrade AT2020 to Røde K2

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My AT2020 has died after 6 years great service. It's an excellent mic, especially for my tracking needs which are largely vocals (mainly male but some female) and Acoustic Guitar. I run it through the ART Pro MPA2 Preamp (Tube) which I've found to be a very satisfactory combination.


I'm considering 'upgrading' the microphone to something smoother and a weightier (soundwise).


All my research has ultimately led me to the Røde K2 as my best option (for a good 'workhorse', since I am only a 'one mic' studio!).


But I can't decide if the extra £350 is worth it :|


Can anyone (especially if you have experience with these two mics) please give me a measured opinion?


Also, would a pre-amp upgrade (which I can't afford right now) also be needed to do justice to the K2?


Thanks so much!

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